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About Word Counter

Why our tool(word counter) is useful?

Whether you are a longtime author or simply another net rambler, we are currently all living within the era of word counts.

From social media character limits to long document needs in company settings, if you've been writing words, then you've been operative with text counts, whether or not you're attentive to it or not.

  • Twitter wont to limit us to 140 characters but later pushed it to 280.
  • Facebook wouldn't let you post something that's longer than 63,206 characters or even allows you to comment using over 8,000 characters.
  • How regarding Instagram's thirty hashtags limit? The restricted 2,200 characters they permit in your Instagram captions can even get truncated when simply 125.
  • We even hear that for your diary post to interrupt into a first-page ranking on Google, it should need to keep north of 1800 words.

See? The time of character count limits is really upon us!

Now just enter your content or paste your content through (ctrl+v) and hit the count words button to process your words.

You need to always continue to direct, ensuring your content stays within the bounds of those relevant platforms… so you don't unknowingly end up having to cut back or increase your count words back and forth simply to satisfy some necessities.

For that to happen, you wish a text counter tool.

But using a word calculator will be more than useful to you count social media post characters.

Well, first off, if you're questioning why you must be using an internet Word Counter Tool, then attempt character counter of your content manually. Before you get to line #7, you may understand that the exercise is kind of awkward, if not practically frustrating.

And besides, who needs to waste precious time checking a long document, after you will simply get facilitate from a tool like ours.

Meet our counter and word finder online tool, Count number of words with FreeAll Tools. It is a wise count word calculator that delivers ends up in a watch blink.

Why us?

Word Finder could be a tool we've developed to assist you in finding and calculating the characters of your written content.

It is designed to deliver correct results and tell how long or short your content is.

But this free text counter is over simply a tool for showing you the number of words and characters in your content. It's a complicated matter content analyzer, as you'd verify within the "HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY FreeAll TOOLS IS DIFFERENT" section below.

That means you'll be able to trust our tool to assist you in your content connected comes, whether or not you are knowledgeable author, a web businessperson, a student, a teacher, or simply a social media person.

Our extra features of this tool!

Of course, there are various text checkers out there; however, our tool is very different and better.

Apart from its easy interface and convenience of usage, Text Checker by FreeAll Tools is loaded with options you hardly get from another competitive text counter online.

It doesn't simply say the number of words; it also does the following:

  • It shows you "Basic Count Letter Statistics" as well as total words, total characters with space, and whole characters without space.
  • It shows you "Top Word Density" for 1, 2, and 3 words.
  • It shows you "Extra Count Letter Statistics" as well as the number of unique words, range of sentences, average word length, average sentence length, the whole range of paragraphs, etc.
  • It shows you "Length Statistics" including some short and long words, longest sentences, etc.
  • With all these features, this tool is over simply your average word counter; it's a wide, easy words content metrics analyzer.

Oh, and you get all of these for entirely FREE.