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About Domain Age Checker

In online business, however, well you "do" will directly be determined by however well you "know."

Because what you recognize is what you'll apply. And it's from what you ask that your results can stem.

Having even the most seemingly insignificant info will place you one step sooner than the competition.

Sure, that involves crucial information like knowing the way to best win customers for your business. However, it additionally means elementary details, just like the domain age of your website.

And that's why we made this free standard Domain Age Checker Application.


In easy terms, "Domain Age" refers to the amount of time during that a site name has existed. It's however previous a site name is.

So for instance, if a site name was registered in 2010, the domain age is going to be ten years by 2020.

And what's a site name? It's the URL of a web site, even as That is, the address with that web users will access your web site.

Domain Age Checker could be a tool we engineered primarily for the aim of checking the age of any name on the net.

This is far and away from the most potent domain age-checking tool you'll realize on the net as a result of it's loaded with very important domain name checking options.

Usually, alternative domain age checkers simply show you the age of the domain mainly in years.

Domain Age Checker

But Domain Age Checker by Free Alls Tool could be a lot more refined.

Our domain tool shows you, not simply the age of your name, however additionally the precise time, day, month, and year the name was created.

But that's not all:

Our domain age checker additionally will the magic of showing you even a lot of details regarding your name, including:

  • The date of the domain when it was last updated
  • The domain expiration date
  • The IP address (the information science address can tell you who is presently hosting the web site and also the kind of information science address it has)
  • Name servers hooked up to the name
  • Registrar of the name.
  • This means the tool not solely function your domain age checker, however additionally as:
  • Domain end date checker
  • Domain information science address checker
  • Web host checker
  • Domain name server checker
  • Domain registrar checker

With those pack of options, you'll be able to solely agree that this is often not your average domain age checker, but a complicated name analyzer.

Oh, and did we mention that you simply get all of this for $0. Yes, utterly FREE. No hidden fees, no monthly charges. In fact, you'll be able to even use it without any registration.


Our Domain Age analyser is very easy to use you'd think you are having fun!

You can check one name or run a bulk domain age check.

Here's how:

Step #1: To use the tool, you'll 1st have to be compelled to get on this page where you're currently

Step #2: On the text box given, enter your domain name(s) with HTTP://

Step #3: Once you've typed your domains name(s), click on "Check Domain Age" to run the request.

It will  take a few seconds for our well-built engine to come back the result, that sometimes appear as if this:

You can click on "More info" to look at alternative details as this:

Age Of Domain

If you tap on "History of Domain," the engine can show you the method back the history of the domain. If the site was created 15 years ago and was used for five years and discarded, and once more got registered and active 3 years ago, the history can show all of that.

Now, this can offer you a wonderful plan of however previous the domain is. you'll additionally come back to grasp if it had one or a lot of previous owners.

No alternative machine is that this refined within the whole of the Interweb.


There are totally different reasons why you will wish to envision the age of a site name, that are listed below.

But first, confine mind that you simply could arrange to check:

  • The age of an already existing name you wish to shop for
  • The age of your competitors' domain names
  • Or just the age of your own name.

Of course, the first reason for checking domain age is to grasp once the domain was registered and the way previous it's currently.

Now, the chances are that you simply already grasp after you registered your own operational name. Thus if you were to see it up, that's not the simplest thanks to spending your time and won't do one a lot of sensible (except you've forgotten after you registered your domain name).

That leaves us with the opposite two options:

  • Checking the domain age of a reputation you wish to shop for
  • Checking the age of competitive  domains
  • Testing the age of your competitors' name will close to one issue for you: you currently grasp simply however long their domain names have existed, which provides you an inspiration of what you're competing with.

On the opposite hand, checking the age of a site name you're looking to shop for gives you an inspiration of what you're about to get into.

For these 2 reasons, below square measure the explanations why knowing domain age matters:

  • You get to own an inspiration for the scale of the backlink profile of the game there could be a high likelihood that an aged domain name can have a bigger link profile.

Why? as a result of it's existed for an extended whereas and should have accumulated some links over time.

  • The owner may need place in some effort to create some quality backlinks, and search engines do take into thought the number and quality of backlinks in ranking websites.

The SEO work exhausted the past by the previous owner to make an honest link profile is an enormous and for future house owners.

  • You get to own an inspiration of however well the domain will in search engine rankings same simply on top of, the chances are that a long-existing name (with a top quality backlink profile) can do reasonably well in search. In fact, most SEOs believe that domain age is one in every of Google's ranking factors.
  • If a site features a good search engine ranking, it'll prevent heaps of SEO time, money, and effort. And checking its age provides you an inspiration of however well the name may be doing in search.