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About Class C Ip Checker

Every device that connects to different devices to the web is allotted a unique IP address. For systems to find one another on distributed networks, just like the web, every node on the net is appointed a single address.

This address is usually called ‘IP address’ or ‘IP.’ The IP address could be a 32-bit binary address that consists of 2 sub-addresses that establish the network and therefore the host of the system.

The IP add consists of 4 sets of numbers starting from 0 to 255 separated by a (.) in decimal kind. For instance, could be a valid IP address.

IP Address categories
There are 5 categories of IP addresses that are:

Class A
The first little bit of a category an address is usually set to zero. It solely leaves seven bits for the network portion of the address. category A addresses vary from – It means that there will solely be 128 network numbers.

Class B
The first little bit of a category B address is usually set to one and therefore the second bit is ready to zero. It means that 16,384 networks are appointed category B addresses. The numbers vary from –

Class C
Class C addresses have their 1st two bits set to one, and therefore the third bit is ready to zero. It means 2,097,152 networks is allotted this category of address. The numbers vary from –

Class D
Class D addresses have their first three bits set to 1, and also the fourth bit is ready to 0. category D addresses are used for multicasting applications. The numbers vary from – and are reserved for multicast teams.

Class E
Class E addresses are reserved for experimentation and testing and have not been used in any usual kind.